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Do you have a little one that is afraid of the dark?  If you do, then you might want to look at the book, The Moon Inside by Sandra Feder.  This is a cute book that talks about a little girl named Ella who is afraid of the dark, so she turns on all the lights in the house to erase the darkness at bedtime. 

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The Moon Inside by Sandra Feder is a book that we had to read the day it was delivered.  I mean, when a one year old walks over to you with a book and climbs in your lap, who are you to say NO? As much as I love reading and hope to pass that love on to both of my children, you know I am the last one that will say no to a book!  We read it and got to meet a sweet little girl named Ella who loves the color yellow and loves the sun, too! She and her mother sat outside to see the beauty in the nighttime sky.  In doing that, Ella learned to love the moon as much as she loved the sun! This was a cute book to us and we have already read it several times.
I loved the cute story in the book, but I also loved the illustrations,  As you turn each page, you see more of a painting than a cut and dry illustration.  I think for this story, it fits the book perfectly!  With Savannah being only one, we were able to also read the book just by making our own story up and seeing all the different objects in the book that were yellow.  I thought it was a great night time story for us and will be for years to come!
Do you know someone who loves the sun and isn't much of a fan of the night?  If so, you might want to try this book for them and let them see the beauty everywhere!   


  1. I so want to get this book for a friend's child. This looks like a wonderful story to share with children who are afraid of the dark thanks for sharing this one.

  2. This is a cute book, and it seems most little kids are afraid of the dark. It will inspire kids to want to go outside and see the moon - especially a full moon!

  3. The illustration on the cover of this book is really pretty! I'd like to read it.


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