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The Doc is in...  You know how the song goes, right?  Well, we love Doc McStuffins here.  I remember when Broxton was in kindergarten and ALL the little girls dressed like Doc for career day! Here we are, years later and Doc is still doing her thing, with a new wave of fans.  I am pretty sure as much as Savannah loves all of her stuffed animals, she will be taking care of them like Doc when she gets a little older!

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Join Doc as she expands her practice from the backyard clinic to the magical new world of McStuffinsville, where she will carry on a family tradition by becoming Chief Resident of McStuffins Toy Hospital. After Grandma McStuffins shares the news that she too has the ability to bring toys to life, she transports Doc and her friends to McStuffinsville, a magical world made up entirely of toys.  There, Doc appoints Lambie in charge of the toy nursery, Stuffy on vet duty, Chilly as receptionist and Hallie as head nurse.
Also featured are four episodes highlighting the McStuffins' family experience as they encounter the joys of adoption after Mom and Dad McStuffins announce that they are adopting a baby. Storylines focus on a variety of emotions and situations young children can encounter when a new baby arrives in the family.

Laya DeLeon Hayes as Doc McStuffins; Lara Jill Miller as Lambie; Robbie Rist as Stuffy; Loretta Devine as Hallie; Jess Harnell as Chilly; Andre Robinson as Donny McStuffins; Kimberly Brooks as Mom McStuffins; Gary Anthony Williams as Dad McStuffins; and Dawnn Lewis as Grandma McStuffins.

This looks like it will be great to go under the tree this year!
Are you familiar with Doc McStuffins?

Download Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Activities


  1. This sounds wonderful, and I'd like to get this so we can see Doc as Chief Resident of McStuffins Toy Hospital!

  2. Savannah is going to love that. I've never seen the show, but it looks so cute!


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