The NEW Ghostbusters Movie is out. #BooitForward

I ain't afraid of no ghost.  That is right, our neighborhood has been being boo'd at let me tell you, it is quite exciting!   The latest was a fun boo'd kit that contained the latest Ghostbusters Movie!   We have boo'd several neighbors and to see Broxton excitedly running up and leaving the treats on doors has been so much fun.  Luckily, we got boo'd back.  I do wish more people would participate though. 
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As I said, we have boo'd several neighbors and it is nice to see when they participate and Boo it Forward... When the Ghostbusters Boo Kit arrived on our doorstep, I knew Broxton was going to be so excited.  He was and we immediately had to have a movie night to enjoy the movie.  He was so into the movie that he did not move at all while it was on.  (Normally he has to be doing other things while he watches a movie, this time he sat and watched it all!)
As for the movie, I loved it.  I was cracking up laughing the whole time.  Honestly, I was wishing that I had watched the original one more recently just to see any similarities.  (You do NOT need to have seen it to enjoy it, I just wanted to see what I could remember.)   I will say that it is not one to watch with the grandparents and kids if they are not into hearing any profanity.  I don't remember what all words they had, I don't think it had the F bomb in there, but they did use other ones.  I figure that Broxton has heard most of the "bad words" by now being in 2nd grade, so it isn't a big deal. Yes, he knows that they are words he isn't to use, so I don't cringe as much as I once did.  
Chris Hemsworth was hilariously stupid and Kristen Wiig had me rolling when she was around him.  Of course, I love, love, LOVE Melissa McCarthy and she fits in perfectly in this whole thing.  Yes, I was a bit skeptical as to if they could pull this off, I mean, the original is a classic... but I think they did a great job of holding their own.  Broxton and I have already asked daddy when he will make it a movie night and watch it with us. (Looks like it is on the lineup for next week! )  
Go ahead, buy a copy for yourself... and one for the neighbors.  Make a great basket of treats and BOO IT FORWARD!  Side note, our other neighbors just returned home to see we boo'd them and Marc said the kids were outside screaming and yelling all excited for the treat waiting on them.  See how easy it is to spread a little sunshine?   
If you don't want to do candy, you can do a movie and popcorn.  Movie and sidewalk chalk... try and draw a ghost or two on their driveway too!   Make it fun!!!!!!!!!!
Have you been boo'd or do you plan to boo someone this year?


  1. I have to get a few things for the boy's grades to have a chance to win a basket for their grade at The Fall Festival this weekend.

    Mica's grade theme is science. I thought I'd go to Michaels to get a science kit. Maybe a gel ant farm. I printed off a 40% coupon. I also found a loop and beakers that we don't use.

    Isaak's theme is much more fun in my opinion. It's a movie one. I had a plastic popcorn bin that we don't use that can serve as a basket. I thought I'd pick up a movie (this would be a good one, or a classic that I don't think they've seen), and/or $1 candies.

    It's not just me filling these baskets.

  2. This does sound like so much fun, for everyone, the kids and the grownups, too!


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