The Rootlets - Trouble at Plantasy Land #RaisingAReader

Some books are just so cute that you can't help but laugh, right? We were sent book number 2 in a series, The Rootlets.  The Rootlets are four little kids that have superpowers that they are just now learning about. The kids, the Rootlets, are Carrotina, Brocc, Kaley and Cornelius.  (You know those names are just too cute!)  

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As I mentioned, this is book two. I am not sure what book one was about, but it doesn't seem to me that you need to read it in order to enjoy this cute story.  So, we are reading Trouble at Plantasy Land. Plantasy Land is a fun theme park that they are headed to for opening day, except they arrive to see that it is having a bit of trouble and nothing is the way it should be. The owner takes great pride in the place and everything is always perfect, this year everything is FAR FROM PERFECT!  They realize they need to help figure it out (and use their super powers they are just learning about) to try and save the place.  Read the book to see what they do!  

I thought this was a cute story and while I was laughing at the names of the characters, I love the creativity of them as well.  I know Broxton will be laughing when he gets to read it too. Do you give books for gifts?


  1. I love giving books as gifts, and this sounds like a good one! So cute! And nice for kids to think it can be funny when things don't always go just perfect no harm done!


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