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Still trying to decide what to get mom?  Maybe you have her covered and are looking to get an awesome gift for dad.  Either way, don't forget to check out Loot Crate and see about getting a subscription for someone you love!!!  Like I have said in the past, I have been impressed with every box that we have been fortunate enough to review.  I might not be familiar with it all, but I am still amazed every time by what all they stuff in there.  Let's not forget that the box transforms to something pretty cool as well, so that is always neat to discover!

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

This is a past Loot Crate that was full of great looking products.  I will admit, I was not familiar with anything in it, but in this case, this would be a great box to use as gift giving ideas or to broaden your horizons and explore some of the things mentioned in the box. This was a MAGICAL theme.

As with every Loot Crate, you get a pretty sweet t-shirt.  Broxton claims most of them and loves how soft they are.  Also, don't forget the cool lapel pin they have in there!  I love that it isn't some cheap thing, but rather a pretty nice quality one. We have a bag that we put each pin on and then we put the Loot Crate Magazine in there too! 
Like I said, I was a bit clueless on this particular months theme, but it is full of stuff I have at least heard of.  (Well, except for two this time.  See if you can guess it.)
This months crate included:Loot Crate box that turns into a box that has potions and spell bottles printed all over it.
Loot Crate Magazine
Doctor Strange Q-Fig
Fantastic Beasts Obliviator T-Shirt
Game of Thrones Journal 
Big Trouble in Little China / Escape from New York Comic
Elder Scrolls Online Collectors Pin
*** The magazine even includes step by step directions to do a magic trick!!!!  

Now, can you guess which of the above mentioned are the ones I have never heard of??
Was it:
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Beasts
Game of Thrones
Elder Scrolls

Are you fans of any of them?  If so, tell me a little about why you like it.
Remember, this makes a great gift and Loot Crate has so many different crates to choose from!  I really want to check out the Sanrio One soon!!!  


  1. I don't consider myself to be one, but Mica sure does! He just wrote a paper about it. I was cracking up. I'll have to share it on my blog. He'd love the loot crate.

  2. I remember that I loved the ad that I saw for them.


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