What would you wish if you thought you were just "normal"

A friend of mine has a little girl named Nina.  As soon as I read the book "Normal Nina and the Magic Box" that I was sent for review, I knew that I would be giving it to her.  I mean, it was a book with Nina's name all in it!!!!!
I really enjoyed the book.  In it, we meet Normal Nina who finds a magic box.  She gets three wishes and wishes to no longer be normal.  She wants to be tall, but then she is too tall and doesn't fit in her clothes... NOR HER HOUSE!   Lucky for her, she got to make another wish...  You have to read the book, but lets put it this way.. Happily, she finds out that being "normal" really isn't that bad.  I mean, what exactly is "normal" these days?
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Normal Nina and the Magic Box:
Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Or wished for something that you didn’t have? Normal Nina knows all about it. So, when Nina discovers a strange magic box outside her house and meets the blue-masked genie who lives there, she knows exactly what her three wishes will be. And there’s nothing normal about them at all! This captivating story and illustrations reveals that exciting adventures can be fun but being normal can be quite fine too.

Normal Nina and the Magic Box is the newest book in the highly regarded Laugh and Learn children’s book series. Written entirely in verse with delicate, detailed illustrations, books in The Laugh and Learn Series also include activity pages following the story to extend the learning for the home or classroom. Strong endorsements from educators, elementary school teachers and school librarians demonstrate this wide-ranging appeal.


  1. Sounds like a good story.
    There is on normal, unless it's what you feel is normal...but then it's that way for everyone else too right. They all have their own normal even if it's outrageous :)

  2. Looks like a good story. Everyone's definition of normal is different.

  3. Sound like a fun read with a magic box and a Genie!

  4. My youngest so would like this book; I always tell my kids this:
    the definition of different is that everyone is not the same and if normal is the average of something then, different is normal and we are all normal LOL

  5. Who said 'normal is a setting on a dryer?' That makes me laugh but it's so very true. Looks like a cute book!


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