THE gift that will have everyone talking...

Stop what you are doing right now.  I have what I think is the coolest thing to share with you.  A company contacted me about hosting a review for Mothers Day and when I learned that I would be making a "signature scent" of perfume, I was all over it.  How fun does that sound?!?!?!   Of course, I said yes and quickly went to see what I had to do to create my scent. 

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.

Okay, so let me hurry up and tell you about Waft personalized perfume so you can head on over to order one for you or a loved one.  I am telling you, I am totally loving this!!!! 

So, you go to their site and you answer a set of questions.  (It doesn't take that long, so don't worry about that!)   It was really easy things, so you can totally make this for a loved one and not worry about feeling pressured to get it right or wrong.

Example - 
Is this a gift or for yourself?  (I clicked YOURSELF with the quickness, I was eager to try and not a chance I was sharing this, sorry mom!)   Then, male or female.  Female ;) Then, I liked this...  Masculine / Feminine or Unisex .  I know lots of females that aren't all girly girl just like I know men that aren't all burly guys either.  They ask a few more questions, but then it gets to a more personal feel.  What is your style, what strength you would like, things like that. Finally, you get to NAME your bottle.  You can write a message.  You can choose the font.
I am telling you, SO - VERY - COOL!!!!

After you create your personalized perfume, you sit back and wait for the creation to be made and delivered to you.  It didn't take that long, so that is a plus!  Once it arrived, I was excited to open it up and check it out.  I will be honest, as a stay at home mom, I don't go putting perfume on daily, but since I have had my Waft creation, I have noticed that I do put it on more often than only when I have somewhere to be!   

Like I said, they make your creation based upon your answers, but get this... They make "layering scents" to go with it!!! Yeah, so now you can technically say you have like 7 different perfumes. (Don't go and get all mathematical on me, I am guessing and yes, I am probably wrong with the different ways you can make it work. The point is, it's really more than just one scent!)

As you can see, I named my perfume "Journey."  I am really enjoying it. I put it on the day it arrived and had everyone smelling me wherever I went. No one said it was bad, so either it really does smell good and work with my body, or everyone lied.  I am going with it smelling great! 

Okay, so this would be great for a Mothers Day gift.  They make scents for men, so if you are looking for a Fathers Day gift, here you go!  I really, REALLY think this would be a great gift for a bride to be.  She can make a signature scent to wear on her wedding day!  
This would also make for a great graduation gift. You could write an inspiring message on the bottle and name it "Good Luck" or "Harvard Bound" or whatever you feel.
I can not say it enough, I absolutely LOVE this and think it is a one of a kind gift!  

Now - are you ready for this???
Head on over to WAFT and create your own bottle.
Then , enter this code :
You will get 10% off your order!!!
Look at that, you gift THE GIFT that will be talked about for ages... and you save money too!  
Sounds good to me! 


  1. I haven't gotten any smelly good stuff in years. Why? Because I couldn't smell it anyway. Soon I'll have a new nose.


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