Our babies are growing!

Ha! Did I get your attention yet?
Marc saw the commercial for the Topsy Turvy and he has been dying to get one...
So, I told my mom about it and that was what my brother, Ashton got Marc for Christmas.
We FINALLY decided to put it out and see if it would actually work.
(We have the strawberry one too, but are waiting to use it... Can not find strawberries yet!)
The above picture was the day we hung it up...
Just the plant in the Topsy Turvy...
Just a couple days later...
We had babies!!!
This was a couple weeks into the growing stage:
This was taken just a day or two ago.
Notice that we have 3 really good sized ones coming along...
There are a few more babies starting to grow too!
Broxton enjoys going out to check on the "baby matoes," as he calls them.
We also planted another plant in a pot/bucket thing..
The same day!
We FINALLY have two teeny tiny babies starting to grow, but NOTHING like the Topsy Turvy!

Marc is so impressed, he is already wanting to get another one going!

No, this is not a sponsored post or a review or anything...
I just wanted to share our Topsy Turvy results with you!

This would be a great gift idea for anyone that loves tomatoes!!!
(You can buy them anywhere that you see the AS SEEN ON TV stuff sold!)

I am working with TV Top Ten on a blog post...
As I was looking around, I saw that they carry the Topsy Turvy...
So, you can click HERE to order the Topsy Turvy from the TV TOP TEN Website.

***** TV Top Ten did not sponsor this post,
I just wanted to let you know where you could get this.
Our Topsy Turvy was a gift from my brother...
and the Strawberry Topsy Turvy, that we have not used yet, was from my mom!*****


  1. Yippee tomatoes! I am working on making some DIY upside down planters...maybe to sell maybe for fun (to use during the winter in a window) maybe both! If you google that, you'll find several tutorials. It's a great craft with kids and you get to upcycle/reuse plastic containers.

  2. FYI its real easy to make one too! Get a hanging flower pot, cut a decent hole in the bottom and wa la!

  3. LOL. Pretty cool. I need one now just to see for myself if it works.

  4. I always wondered about those things. Very cool!

  5. We have done a tomato plant before, but not Topsy Turvy. :)


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