Neutrogena Wet Skin - Review

I have finally figured out part of my problem...
I am lazy.
Or maybe I just get to excited.
Or maybe both.

Okay, I am sticking with getting too excited, the lazy just doesn't sound that great...
Especially when you hear what I am talking about.

You know how I have complained about getting sunburned?
Mostly it is because I do not remember to apply sunscreen.
But then again...
SOMETIMES, I do apply...
But then, I forget to reapply.

Think about it...
Who really wants to get sunscreen all over them...
Then wait like 20 minutes until they can get in the pool.
(That is another dislike I have)

I have found the quick and easy solution!
Neutrogena has read my mind!
They have... They REALLY have!

Let me tell you.
I received the new Neutrogena Wet Skin Sun Spray for review.
We went to the pool the other day.
I grabbed it and threw it in the bag with our towels.

We got to the pool and right as I went to get in the water, I remembered the spray!
I grabbed it and sprayed...
Shoulders, chest, back and face...
Then I got in...
We had fun, Broxton loved it...
After a bit, I got out to get the camera.
I had to get pictures of Broxton swimming.
Whoa, let me reapply.
(Now, I NEVER reapply, but for the sake of wanting to see if the whole apply on wetskin thing was going to work.)
How about after a day at the pool, you could not tell!
I was actually NOT burnt!
I was able to shower and sleep just fine that night!
Neutrogena has just saved me (and the whole house, if you want me to be honest) lots of pain and misery!
I already told Marc that this was going to be with us at all times!
When we go to the pool, the boys do not like to get burned...
but then they also HATE having to dry off!
I can not wait to see how happy they are when I can just spray them down!!!

Neutrogena has everyone covered too!
This new wet skin comes in SPF's of 30, 50, and 85.
They also have Wet Skin Kids in SPF 70.

Oh and get this...
If you order the sunscreen online you can save $2 per bottle!!!

Here is to a great summer!!!!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Neutrogena and received sunscreen and other Neutrogena products as a thank you for my participation.


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