Rounded or Squared? Cymax Coffee Tables

I never really gave much thought to coffee tables before, but things changed (as does almost everything) once I became a mom.
In my first apartment, I had the funky shaped coffee tables with glass tops.
I was an art student, so we painted it art deco and had a blast doing so!
It was so cool, as it was our painting and you could look and see it all through the glass tops.

Then, I outgrew the art deco phase and wanted more "normal" furniture.
I eventually decided that a coffee table took up too much room in my small living room, so I got rid of it completely.
When Marc and I got engaged, my parents gave us a beautiful living room set.
We had the whole coffee table and end tables set up and it was awesome!

After that, Broxton came along and I realized that my mom had the most amazing coffee table for a little one learning to crawl.
It was a great heavy wooden one with drawers and the best part? The corners were rounded out!
No worrying about him falling into a sharp corner!!!
Loved that!
But, it also made me notice that the coffee table that we had was not really that "child friendly."
We even tried the Edge Safety Corners, but as thick as our table is...
They would not work!
Of course with all the moving we did the past couple years, they have seen better days, but I do know that whenever we buy again, we will be thinking about the safety of them...
Not just the looks!
That was, until I saw the neatest table from Cymax!!!!
Of course, I was looking at the rounded ones, as they are safe...
But, I was also looking at the ones that have some form of storage.
Well, not really "storage" but somewhere to put a couple books or magazines!
See the picture above?
Rounded edges...
A place for books/magazines...
AND THEN - - -
The top lifts UP for a cocktail table!!!!
Underneath the lid, it has a couple storage drawers!
Click HERE to see what I am talking about.

If you are looking for coffee tables with more storage...
They also offer a coffee table that reminds me of a Hope Chest.

If I lived up north, I think this would be great as a place to store extra blankets..
Or it would be great to double as storage for games for family game night!!!

Once again, I am left impressed with the items that Cymax has, but most of all...
The prices are very reasonable!!!


  1. We have something similar to the bottom picture! It is more like a cushy foot rest though, however we use it as a coffee table and to store blankets.


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