Where do you blog?

In my first apartment, we just threw the desk in our "eating area."
You know, the little square where you put your dining room furniture...
Since you do not have an actual space...
It worked, since it wasn't like we were having big get togethers over dinner!

My second apartment, I made sure to have a "sun room" and that was where I put my desk.
Oh, let me back up..
My first desk, I do not even know where it came from, but I had it a million years!
My second desk was a little thrown together thing I picked up from somewhere...
Nothing nice like the bush furniture you can see online!

Now, we have this big monstrosity of a desk now...
So big, it took all the strength Marc and Mark had to move it in..
Plus a hand truck!!!
Only thing is, it isn't moving until we do!
No rearranging here!!!

Marc has said that with the time I am online, he would love for us to have an office space for us whenever we get a house.
Meaning, we can go looking for office desks and office furniture!
Have to make it look just right!

It doesn't bother me being in the same area as the living room, as far as the being online goes..
But, I do think it would look nicer to have a separate area.
I don't know, even if it was joined with a playroom or something...
(Just thoughts here, nothing in stone!)

Actually, I would love an Ipad/Tablet/Playbook...
Then, I could look things up when I was in the living room, but then go to my office to post blogs and then there is Photoshop...
Oh how I would love photoshop...
I could have so much fun in there..
(Mom, are you reading this... Birthday is coming up...
Photoshop would be great for me to have...
That would equal great photo gifts for you to receive!)

But back to building my office space!
I need plenty of space.
Between all the notes I write on paper...
And then Marc writing down things for work...
Not to mention I really LOVE desk calendars!
I really like the L- Shaped Bush Office Furniture Desk!
Doesn't it look great?
Room for the computer...
AND the desk calendar...
and then there is PLENTY of drawers!
Something about drawers...
Maybe it is the ability to hide my mess? :)
Not only the drawers, but it has file drawers as well!

But then I also really like this:
Not only is it the whole L Shape with plenty of drawers/filing space...
It also includes a hutch!
I could put books and things up there!
Do you think it is to overpowering?
I know it would depend on the size of the room and where the desk is going to go, but in general.
Do you like this, or think it is too big for a home office?

So, tell me...
Do you have your own office area for blogging?
Or do you do most of it in bed on your laptop?


  1. That's nice looking furniture! We have na elaborate-ish den set up but we all have laptops so we blog wherever we're comfortable

  2. I blog on the dining room table. I had an office before I got married and enjoyed it.

  3. Have a laptop downstairs and a desk in our bedroom with a CPU upstairs

  4. I love that desk... it is beautiful and the shape is terrific. We have an L-Shaped desk in Bill's office that he works at. Since I have the laptop, I work all over the place, but Bill has gotten me laptop desks (for my actual lap) with fans in them to keep it cool.
    Go for it... get that desk, the hutch just makes it.
    Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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