We love being outside!!!

We love being outside!
I am so glad that we do not live in our old apartment...
There are multiple reasons that I am not even going to get into, but the one I am talking about now is that our old one did not have a porch.
This one does!

So, what all do we do?

We play with REALLY COOL TOYS!!!
(Sprig Trucks Review Coming Soon!)
We watch the cars go by and eat our snacks while drinking our water.
Oh yeah, we have to yell "HEY!" to everything that passes...
Cars, Trucks, People, Birds, Dogs... You name it!
We sing and dance!!!
You KNOW we play with all of our cars!!!
We play with play-doh!
And of course, MORE play-doh...

Check back Sunday for even more of what we do...
Oh, and this time...
IT'S GONNA GET MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do during the summer?


  1. How fun!! We do a lot of the same activities with some pool time thrown in. Anything that wears out a toddlers is a good activity, right?!? How are you? Haven't run into you guys in awhile!! Any chance you've moved closer to the north/northwest/west parts? We could do a summer play date!

  2. Play-Doh outside is genius!!! I'm still picking up remnants off the kitchen floor!!

  3. Ryan did not like play-doh, bur he loves his Matchbox cars!


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