Barney: 1-2-3 Learn

My little brother LOVED Barney!
I remember the whole " I love you" song and everything, but I thought that Barney was just a thing from back when my brother was younger.
You can only imagine what my facial expression looked like when I heard the Big Purple Dinosaur come on TV one morning!
I brought Broxton in the living room and we watched the same type of program that I remembered my brother watching!
So many shows today are so completely different from how they started out, or at least how I remembered them!
Not the case with Barney!!!!

I was excited to know that not only were we getting the chance to review a new Barney DVD, it was the Barney: 1-2-3 Learn one!!!
As soon as it came, we immediately put it in!!!
I loved it!!!
Yes, there are new characters and of course the children have changed, but some things remain!

Barney and friends not only taught how to know your different shapes, they made games out of it!
They showed us how different musical instruments are different shapes...
They also showed that there are many different games that you can play with different shapes!
(They had a bean bag toss and it was all in TRIANGLES!)

After working on shapes, they moved on to learning numbers.
Not only did they basically count, they showed that you could play the :Number Limbo.
With Number Limbo, each time you went and did the limbo, the pole moved another number down!!!!

They even said that learning to count, you can do all sorts of fun things!!!
See, it isn't just to know how to count! It is to know how to count and HAVE FUN!!!!

I loved watching this with Broxton and listening to him sing and dance!!!!


Just in time for back to school season, an all-new Barney™ DVD is a great way for your kids to learn their numbers, shapes and letters! Count on everyone’s favorite big purple dino inBarney: 1-2-3 Learn, coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 12, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. With his signature colorful combination of music, dancing, and lessons to last a lifetime, Barney and his playground friends celebrate the joy and ease of learning, and surprise! – it’s also fun!

Come along with Barney and his friends for a tee-riffic adventure filled with shapes, numbers and letters! Join Baby Bop™ as she discovers that counting can lead to hidden treasures and that there’s a carnival of shapes and colors for all to enjoy. And BJ™ uses the alphabet to help Riff™ get ready for his music concert in the park. Barney can’t wait to show you that shapes, numbers and letters are the ticket to fun and friendship!

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  1. This video covers so many skills. Barney is not my favorite, but JDaniel sure loves him.

  2. Barney is not my fave either, but all three of my kiddos have learned so much from this show! The songs, primarily, are very catchy & teach them so much! We sing the clean up song & the rainbow song ALLLLL the time! Lol. =)

  3. Well, you know how I feel about Barney. That's all I'm saying.


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