T.M.I. Or Not? "Just Sayin...."

I am large chested woman.
I get it from my mom...
She gets it from her mom...

Being big chested...
(Here is the TMI for you... )
Means we sweat!
If you are big chested at all, you know what I am talking about.
You put your bra on...
You go about your day, you come home and when you take your bra off...
It is wet.
Sweat under your breasts... Sweat between the breasts...

Come on, don't let me be the only one.
For all you small chested people, see...
THERE IS A BENEFIT to this!!! :)

For all of us big chested gals out there...
Pambra's to the rescue!!!!
Not only is it great to catch the sweat and keep your bra dry, it also works wonderful if you have a bra that just "rubs you the wrong way."

Pambra's is a bra liner that is easy to put on...
and easy to clean!
Just throw it in the wash!
As much as I would like for this to be me, it isn't...
But, this is how it is to be worn.

I will tell you, when I put it on the first time, I had it pulled to high up.
I was wondering why it looked like I had a big tent pitched between my breasts...
(It was so high up that the material was sticking out!)
Then, I realized I had it to high!!!!
I pulled it down to where it was supposed to be and it was great!
After wearing it all day in the sweltering heat, I was happy when I took my bra off that night!
I know, I always am, but I am saying...
I took it off and the liner was wet, but not my bra!!!

This would have been perfect for back when I worked in the bar...
During the summer, the AC would always go out...
and that was why the customers stopped coming, it was toooooo HOT!
Who wants to sweat while they eat INSIDE?
Moving along, don't get me started on this...

I think Pambra's would be wonderful for those that go to the gym or do any sort of exercise too!
Just think how much better you would feel knowing this was there to absorb it all!

Now, I have the chance to let you try them out for yourself!!!!

Pambra's is giving THREE of you the chance to win a package of your own!!!!

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Pambra's and let me know what color you would like if you won.

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  1. i would pick white, as I tend to wear white bras during the summer!

    And what a great idea for us large busted women!

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  8. I'd like the nude color
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  16. I want I want I need I need help help

    If I were to win I would choose the nude color.

    I've been using strips if cotton towel. I would live to try these

  17. i would choose black if i won

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