Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - Review

I think Martin Lawrence is funny.
Marc isn't a fan, but he has his moments and he makes me laugh...

That being said, when he was at work one day, we watched Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son.
I laughed...

Long story short:
Martin plays the role of Malcolm Turner.
He is an FBI agent with a son that I could smack across the head!
Basically, Malcolm (and his son, that should NOT have been around) witnessed a murder.
Due to that, they go undercover at an all girls school.
Yeah, you read that right...
They go undercover!

That is how we meet "Big Momma!"
Big Momma takes on the position as a dorm mom type and her niece is Charmaine...
This is just the beginning, as the fun is only just now getting started!
Not only does Malcolm/Big Momma have to deal with being an FBI agent trying to catch the bad guys, he also has to be "dorm mom" and deal with college school girl drama...
ADD TO THAT, the janitor likes Big Momma and not only tries to put the move on her, the game of twister that they play makes you seriously laugh out loud!!!

Not only do you see what all lies ahead with Big Momma, you also get to see a few performances from the all girls school of performing arts where they are undercover.
Yes, there is a little love story as well.
I personally thought it was funny and I know we will watch this again!!!

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