Take Me Home Tonight - DVD Review

Okay, so I watch all sorts of TV.
You name it and I might have seen it at some point.
I also love watching movies, although I do not get to as much now as I did before Broxton.
Top it off, I guess I am finally growing up, as the things that used to be hilarious sometimes are just not that funny now.
My brother on the other hand...
When he visits my parents, he watches as many movies as he can...
(They have that Blockbuster pass where you pay monthly and he totally gets their moneys worth when he is there.)

I was able to review the movie, Take Me Home Tonight.
I think Anna Farris is funny, so when I saw her in it, I thought it would be pretty good.
Topher Grace is in it and when I do watch That 70's show, he makes me laugh...
So, I thought it would be worth watching.

Now, Anna Farris is in it, but she really is not like a major character, in my opinion.
Topher Grace is by far the main character!!!!

I thought it was funny, and truth be told, I probably would have thought it was hilarious about 8 years ago...
Marc liked the soundtrack, as it was set in the late 1980's.

Long story short, Take Me Home Tonight is about "the real world" as my mom put it in my college days.
Matt and Wendy are twins.
They meet up with Matt's best friend, Barry and plan a wild night.
They go out for the night to a huge Labor Day party with all their friends from high school.
At the party is Tori, who Matt had a crush on throughout high school.
Of course he lies about what has happened since school...
All for the simple reason of trying to impress her and make his high school dream come true.

Watch the wild and crazy night unfold.
Marc thought it was alright.
Roman (the 15 year old) thought it was just hilarious...
I thought it was pretty funny...
Like I said, before Broxton I would have viewed it differently!

I know for sure that my brother and his college buddies would all enjoy!!!!!
***** I just remembered this, so I wanted to come back and add it... The F-Bomb is a very popular word in this movie... Just so you know in advance.*****

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