Football and Weddings? Yes or No?

I hope that you had a great week and are planning to have an amazing weekend!!!!

I was thinking, football season is right around the corner, so with that in mind, I am asking a rather odd (to some) question!

When it comes to wedding planning, does your teams football schedule come into thought?

For us.... YES!!!!!
Take our wedding for example...
We totally had to look at the UGA and LSU schedules when setting the date!!
There was NO WAY we could have expected our family and friends to miss a big game!
Ha ha!!!
(Yes, Marc's LSU played BAMA, but we worked it out so that the wedding and reception would END before the game, so that everyone could make it to be in front of a TV for it...
As for UGA, we played Troy that day (not a big game) so it was alright!

SO, does it matter to you?


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  1. We didn't have big sports fans at our wedding.

  2. We got married in March, and are only NFL fans, not so much college fans so it wasn't an issue. We were pretty upset when our nephew got married on the NY Giants opening day... fortuately they had the game on in the bar at the reception. HaHa!
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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