W/W - My hometown

This is in my hometown....
I think it is beautiful!!!!

Side note...
I am going to give it a try and hopefully sell some of my pictures.
Would love it if you took a look at what I have to offer so far.
(Feel free to buy one ... or all... of them!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is a really pretty place to live!


  2. Great work on the photo.
    Good luck with your sales! :)

  3. Stock Photo companies buy images.

    Everything I have sold has been off Flickr. It seems the first thing buyers do is go to Flickr and enter a keyword and look at what comes up.

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  4. Great photo, I love the finish you used and the way the sun is shining through the trees.
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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