Organa Kids - Kids DVD Collection Review

We had the chance to review a couple new DVD's from Organa Kids.
They are both geared for kids ages 2-5...
So I thought it would be great for Broxton to see.
They are kid shows from England, so I too was excited to watch!!!!

About Happy Valley:
Happy Valley, a charming series also from England, is set in a beautiful countryside by the sea. Using traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes and songs, each episode tells a story about the children who live in the valley as they learn about the world around them. Whether taking a school trip, visiting grandparents, or a simple walk in nature, the tales are endearing and captivating and appeal to even the youngest of viewers.
HappyValley Volume 1 contains the episodes “Rain is Tumbling,” “There You Are, Blackbird,” “Tree on the Hill,” “Where Are You Hiding?,” “Autumn Leaves,” Gee Up Little Horsie,” Wakey, Wakey!,” “Far, Far Away” and Little Donkey.”

MY Opinion:
This was a cute DVD. Being that it was from England, we had never even heard of it.
I really liked how basic it was. Broxton was captivated by it...
While watching, he was learning about the kids going to school. They taught them about the weather.
One of the little girls LOVED the rain, as it left rain puddles! One of Broxton's favorite things is jumping in puddles, so of course he liked this!!!
Another thing I liked was that they would tell you the colors of each thing as they talked about it, you know...Adding education while entertaining!!

About Castle.Farm:
Like a child’s drawing brought to life, Castle Farm is a gentle series from England full of color and colorful characters. Join Farm Girl, Piggy, Leonard, Farmer and all the barnyard animals as they solve mysteries, fix things, get chores done, play games and learn lessons about friendship, responsibility and having fun. Each vignette is filled with its own tiny adventure that will engage youngsters again and again.
Castle Farm Volume 1 includes the episodes “Snails,” “The Carrot Thief,” “Ball Games,” “A Windy Day,” “Amber,” “The Prickly Flower,” “Bubbles,” “Trophy” and “Waiting for Winnie.”

MY Opinion:
This cracked me up!
In this DVD, you have Farm Girl and her pet pig, piggy... They go about doing things at Castle Farm, as the Farmer requests... but then there is Leonard. He is always seeming to cause trouble, but in the end, the Farmer just sees the end results of Farm Girl and thinks that Leonard did a great job helping out! Ha ha!!!!
There are always adventures that leaves Farm Girl wondering something and luckily, she can always turn to Unicorn. He is always there reading the dictionary and he can always answer her questions!!!
What a cute story that shows just how curious kids can be!
Broxton kept waiting for "another one mommy."
With 9 short episodes on here, he was a happy boy watching!

More about Organa Kids:

Organa Kids was established in 1995 with the mission of introducing American families to stories, characters and cultures from around the world through multicultural stories with universal themes. Inspiring kids to have an awareness of the world as a whole (while being delightfully entertained), Organa Kids is creating products that balance technology and real-world experiences. The company most recently released “Scavenger Traveler” app for the iPhone whereby kids of any age can explore their environment traveling or on vacation. Other DVD releases include “Stories From East of the Moon,” based on witty stories by Monty Python's Terry Jones; “Move With Me” series of Yoga DVDs for kids; and “The Adventures of Mouse & Mole.” On CD-ROM is the fascinating “Croatian Tales” based upon the book “Croatian Tales of Long Ago” animated by an international team of animators, illustrators, musicians, programmers, and actors.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. What fun! This sounds like it is great for grown ups and little ones.


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