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I am a very opinionated person, but for the most part, my personal views are not really on this blog.
I thought about this and I would love your thoughts...

I was online this morning when I was reading about the University of Georgia.
I am a bulldog by birth! Born and raised in Georgia, my dad went to Georgia... My brother goes to Georgia... So, I bleed red and black.

Anywho, on this particular post, I am not here to convert you to the Bulldog Nation :)
I am here to ask you about something else...

Yesterday was fan day in Athens... It is where you go and meet the players... Get your picture with them, get their autographs... Basically hang out and have fun.

We went in the past. I have autographed items...My brother has an autographed football.
Then, I read it.
Citing concern for selling autographed memorabilia, the players were only allowed to autograph posters...

I told Marc, as that was just crazy to me....
He said it probably had something to do with Terelle Pryor.
I had no clue, so I googled it.
You can click here to read an article from Fox Sports.

Here is what I would love your opinion about...
In the article, it says that while playing COLLEGE football: he hired an agent.
(Against the rules.)
Also, he traded autographed memorabilia for cash and discounted tattoo's.
(Also, against the rules.)
I read elsewhere that he and other players also received cars during their college years...
(You guess it, against the rules.)

Now, I am not saying that he is the only one.
I am just using him as an example as he is in the news.
Yes, even Georgia players have gotten in trouble...

My question is this:
If he BLATANTLY ignores the rules now, what makes you think he would follow them once he is in the NFL?

Also, another thing that bothers me...
One of the coaches knew about it... and did not report it.
Now, he is out of a job...
YET, the guy that actually did it is headed for a chance to make millions in the NFL?

Is it me, or is something wrong with this picture?


  1. Morals are sorely lacking in our world, but I think it's totally wrong that the actions of a few could impact the enjoyment of so many.

  2. There is always someone who gets away with things and it's infuriating!

  3. Don't even GET me started on the amount of money that pro atheletes make! I cannot stand all the cash they get, while our soldiers and their families are suffering trying to make ends meet, ot to mention teachers and childcare workers, etc.
    You are right about the players not following the rules in the NFL if they don't follow them in college.
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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