Day Out With Thomas - 2011

We spent the Day Out With Thomas again this year!
We actually went this past weekend and had so much fun!

Have you ever been to a Day Out With Thomas?
You can read about our Day Out With Thomas 2010 to see even more pictures.

After going last year with my parents, we thought it would be a fun "tradition" to start while Broxton is at the age that he loves Thomas.
We had a 1:30 ticket time to ride Thomas, so we planned to meet them there at 11:30.
There are several activity area's and we thought it would be great to get there early...
Not to mention my dad was talking about the tomato salad that they had last year.
(We hoped that they had it again, as he was looking forward to that, while we were looking forward to Thomas!)

We got there and while I went to get our tickets, my dad got in line for food and my mom went to grab us a spot at the picnic table area.
Thankfully, they had the tomato salad! After a quick lunch, we headed on over for Broxton to get his face painted. He had in his mind that he wanted the pumpkin and we were so lucky to get a sweet girl that would paint it for him. After that, my mom joined in and got hers painted too!
She realized that was the first time she had ever had her face painted and I pointed out it was probably because she could not be quiet long enough to let them do it! :)
After that, we made our way on down to stand in line to board the train.
Last year, we had the chance to sit in the dining car...
This year, we just had the basic train car with the seats.
There were some of the younger kids that were not really sure about the train ride, so there was a bit of crying and temper tantrums...
But, the volunteers know how to handle it! They announced that Thomas was tired and would need help waking up... One, Two, Three... "Wake Up Thomas!" All the kids yelled and that started the excitement!!! Then, the kids had to yell "Push Thomas, Push!" to get him going...
It seemed as though they all loved getting to yell and help Thomas, so that really set the mood...
After that, they had music playing and some of the volunteers were really getting into the whole dancing and entertaining the kiddos!
After our ride on Thomas, we came back to "Sodor Island" to play with all the activity area's.
They had a few "photo opporunity" areas to go to ...
They also had an area for Bubble Making... A bounce House (two, one for small kids and one for bigger kids.) They had lemonade and funnel cakes for sale.
We saw that we were right in time to meet Sir Topham Hat, so we quickly jumped in that line!
After a few minutes, we met him!
Broxton waved hey to him... and shook his hand, but by the time I got to get a picture, he was just standing beside him... Either way, he finally got to meet him! (He didn't get to last year.)
We then headed back up the hill...
They had sand tables set up for kids to play in sand... Coloring Stations to color a picture of Thomas.
They also had train tables with all of the trains! One table had all the wooden rail cars with the magnets on it... While the other had the trains that ran on batteries.

We stayed for just a little bit and decided to head home...

If you know of someone that LOVES Thomas, I think that this is a great thing to do!
If you live near Cordele, Georgia...
Thomas will be there again the weekend of October 29 and 30.
Click HERE to see a schedule of when the Day Out With Thomas will be near you!!!!

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  1. This looks like a wonderful tradition! I can't believe Broxton has gotten so big.


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