#HolidayGiftGuide - Caillou's Holiday Favorites Review

We love Caillou.
I have spoke of him before.
Lately Broxton has been telling me that Caillou is his best friend!
It cracks me up what he picks up from watching Caillou that he tells me about during the day!

I was SO EXCITED to see that there was a 3 DVD Box Set of Caillou DVD's for the Holidays!
We were able to review it and Broxton was so happy!
The DVD's include:
Caillou's Winter Wonders, Caillou's Holidays and Caillou's World of Wonder.

Broxton loved each one and I love watching him smiling while watching, as if it was the first time all over again!
I am telling you, I can watch that boy and his expressions all day long!
When he smiles, he makes me smile a bit brighter.
When he laughs, I catch myself laughing with him!

The best for me?
After watching these, Broxton kept saying "It's snowing" and trying to make snow angels!
Love it!!!!

Caillou's Winter Wonders:
Features 4 episodes:
Caillou the Snowman - Caillou explores all the fun activities of winter, including building a snowman, playing hockey and making snowflakes out of paper.
Caillou's Christmas - Caillou learns about holiday traditions, from caroling with his friends and family to different cultural festivities in playschool.
It's Cold Outside- Caillou has fun playing in the snow, making snow angels and even tobogganing!
Winter- Caillou discovers the joys of winter sports like skiing and ice skating.

Caillou's World of Wonder:
Features 4 episodes:
Caillou the Magnificent - Caillou learns about show and tell, makes Rosie disappear and with his sisters help becomes King of the Castle.
Caillou the Musician- Caillou convinces Clementines big brother Billy that he is old enough to play the drums. At playschool, Caillou leads the marching band and learns that singing with a friend is much more fun!
Caillou the Sports Star- Leo, Clementine, Caillou and Rosie each win a ribbon playing some very silly games. At the park, Caillou realizes hes getting stronger every day and that it is okay that he still needs his training wheels.
Caillou the Explorer- Daddy treats everyone to ice cream while sharing stories about icebergs in the Antarctic. Caillou imagines playing with the penguins, scuba diving for treasure and searching out alligators.

Caillou's Holidays:
Caillou's Holidays - Caillou loves loves holidays, and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are his favorites!
It's A Party - It's a party when Caillou celebrates Leo's birthday and Chinese New Year with Sara!

This DVD helps children learn about: The responsibility and fun of participating in family events. Overcoming their fears and mastering new activities. Celebrations from different cultures.

As usual, we have watched each DVD a million times each!
Love Caillou and his stories. That child has an imagination on him!!!!

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  1. I've never heard of Caillou before, but it looks really cute! That's cute that Broxton tried to make snow angels from watching this!!

  2. The character looks familiar but not the name. I love how kids will retell the story from their point of view! Grant does that when Jeremy gets off work. Tells about a new movie or show we watched!


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