#HolidayGiftGuide - Water for Elephants

So, I just finished watching Water For Elephants with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.
I will tell you now, I love Reese and I have grown to like Robert too!

I really do think that I read this book before, although the friend that I though I borrowed it from says I am wrong...
Well, I will go on thinking I read it, although I am 99% sure she is right...
But that is neither here nor there.

So, I was all excited to get to watch this movie, because of the cast...
And yes, I knew it was a love story.
Broxton was playing and decided that he wanted to watch with me.
Now, he obviously did not follow the story line, but he loved seeing the animals so much that he wanted it on in the background as he played!

Long story short:
Jacob (Robert) is a student at Cornell University during the Depression. His parents are killed in a car crash and it is found out that they took a loan out to pay for his college... basically, now that they are gone, he is homeless.
He ends up jumping on a train to take him anywhere but where he no longer has a life...
That leads him to the train that he then learns is a circus train!
He gets a job working for the circus as the veterinarian.
Through his time working, he falls in love with the circus owners wife... Marlena (Reese.)
Come to find out, the circus owner is an abusive man and that continues the story.
You really need to watch and see what happens...
Did you really think I would give it all away?!

I loved how the story was told...
I love the love stories in the movie.
Now, I just need to read that book, just so I can say I did read it and know I did!

If you have any Robert Pattinson fans, you know they will love this!!!!
What a great gift to go under the tree!
But, I do recommend giving them both the book and movie!
Need to keep the love of reading and the art of entertainment alive!

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  1. I still haven't seen this yet! I love Reese because she seems like such a sweet southern girl!

  2. I thought you read this in your book club you had before Dig's closed down? I remember you talking about it, but again Krysty read it and talked about it all the time. I have to watch the movie as I just don't read!


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