I loved the Garlic Almonds best! Thanks Sante Nuts!

We received a nice package in the mail a bit ago.
I opened it and was surprised that it was a beautifully packaged Blogger Kit of Gourmet Nuts from Sante Nuts!
I thought to myself, if these nuts taste half as great as the packaging, we are in for a treat!
Then, Broxton had to come over and see...
It was wonderful!
We had several flavors to try : Garlic Almond, Candied Pecans, Roasted Salted Pecans and Candied Walnuts.

Being from South Georgia, I thought for sure my favorite was going to be the Pecans...
I jumped in to try out the Candied Pecans (which Broxton really loved) but I enjoyed the Roasted Salted Pecans the best out of the pecans!
(Hey, we love Peanuts and I can remember picking pecans up and eating them at my great grandmothers house, she had a pecan tree right in her front yard!)
Well, I was wrong!
I fell in love with the Garlic Almonds! It was weird, they had a bit of a kick to them, to add a nice hint of spice, but the garlic was not to overwhelming! I thought I would devour the whole bag, but with the spicy flavor, I actually had control over how much I ate! LOVE THAT!
I have determined that I am just not a fan of Walnuts, unless it is in Banana Bread. Tell you what, these Candied Walnuts would be delicious in a Banana Nut Muffin! Anyone want to make me some?!
I love that you can visit their website for great sounding recipes...
Not to mention beer and wine pairings!!!
So, if you are a fan of great tasting snacks..
Or want something to offer your guests this holiday season..
Check them out!

Sante Nuts is offering you a 25% discount!!!!
From now until December 16th, 2011:
Use Coupon Code: 2011-Blog-140

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