Want to Vote for the Little Looster?

I hosted a review on the Little Looster a bit ago.
If you did not read it, please click HERE and read it now...
It isn't that long.

Long story short:
We love it!
It helped us with potty training Broxton.
Not to mention, it is so much more sanitary for us...
You don't have to move a step stool all the time, as it has holes for adults to place their feet and it not interfere!
Just put it at the base of your toilet and you are good to go!

I will say it a million times:
I think all places that have children visit:
Day Care, Restaurants, Children's Museums, Pediatricians offices...

Well, they were chosen as one of the 10 semi- finalists for the Spokesmom.com - Born By Moms Contest. You can head over and vote for her video... It is open for voting until November 13th.
I would love it to see her win...

***** I was not required to post this... Just thought I would share the contest, as we love our Little Looster! ******


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