College Kids? Help Keep Them Safe....

My brother is off at school...
You see, I went to a small liberal arts college (at the time I was there, enrollment was 300 kids for 2 years...)
My brother on the other hand...
He has known as long as I can remember that he wanted to go to UGA...
That means, his classes are like 100+ .
Anyways, saying that... It makes me worry about him at times...

I received an email for Campus Safety and I am going to make sure he sees this post..
Now, if he actually follows through or not... I am not sure, but at least I will have tried.
So.... If you have any College Aged Kids... or know of any, please share this...
Truthfully, you do not even have to have a "college kid" to use these safety tips!

To help students, faculty, and parents stay safe this semester, Marcia Peot, full time police officer and Chief Safety Officer at StreetSafe, offers the following campus safety reminders:

  1. Let friends or roommates know where you are going, who you are with and when to expect you home.
  2. Never leave outside doors propped open, and don’t let strangers into secured buildings or residence halls.
  3. Never accept a ride from someone you don’t know, even if they are or claim to be a fellow student.
  4. When approaching your car or residence, have your keys in your hand and check the area for suspicious individuals or activity.
  5. When walking by yourself, keep your expensive belongings such as laptops and cell phones hidden.  You will be less of a target.
  6. When dressed for cold weather, make sure your vision and hearing are not obstructed by hats and scarves.
  7. Consider taking extra measures to protect yourself. StreetSafe is a new service that uses your smart phone’s GPS technology to instantly connect to help before a situation turns into an emergency. StreetSafe’s “Walk with Me” service offers a live connection to a professional Safety Advisor to keep you safe when walking in unfamiliar or threatening surroundings and instant access to 911 if needed.
 ***** This is not a sponsored post, just useful information I wanted to share with you. *****


  1. I'd be forwarding that stuff to my daughter if she was still in too! My son, well, I don't know if anyone wants to mess with him. ;)


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