KiKi's Blankie

Broxton has a new favorite book!
We received Kiki's Blankie by Janie Bynum for review and it is just too cute.
Now, I am not sure why he really loves it so much...

I wonder at times if it is because of the binding...
The book is about Kiki (a monkey) and Kiki's blue polka dotted blankie.
Well, the binding is blue and white polka dot with a texture that represents the blankie!
He was so excited about that when he first noticed it...

But then, you start to read the book and learn that Kiki goes NO WHERE without that blankie.
The adventures they take... Kiki reminded me of Caillou, and we all know how much Broxton loves him!
So, we read the book.  Then, we read it again...
Once more, then... Broxton had to read it to me.

We read it every day and he has to walk around and place it throughout the house too!
You see, Kiki would do anything for that blankie...  Why?  because where Kiki goes, so does that blankie!  Even if it means having to fight an alligator to save it!
Talk about doing what you have to do for love :)

What a cute and exciting book!
It is small and simple enough that Broxton loves it...
But it is cute enough with that adorable monkey to keep mommy smiling too!

* By the way, he is over there reading Kiki's Blankie to daddy while I write this post!

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  1. This really sounds wonderful! I love that Broxton loves books.

  2. Such a cute book, and how darling that he's reading it right now too!


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