It's A Big World, Little Pig - On Sale March 6th

Let me start by saying that I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read that Little Pig was from New Pork City!  
That right there had me : it was just too funny!

We just finished reading the great story of It's A Big World, Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi.
The summary of the story is that Little Pig is an ice skater and she travels to Paris for the World Games.  
Yes, she is in a new place, with new faces... a bit scared... 
But, her family and friends gave her tons of support for her to go and try to reach her dreams! 
I absolutely LOVED that her friend said, " It's a big world, little pig, but remember that everyone smiles in the same language!"  I never really thought about it before, but that is such a true phrase that we can all use with all the different things we have to face!

Little Pig heads on over to Paris and yes, she meets new people... 
Although they are not from the USA, they all are able to help one another (which we should all work to do more often, especially in this day!)  and support one another for their dreams to do well in the games!

This is the second book in the Little Pig series by Kristi... 
I am excited to see where this continues, as I loved this one!

Poppy, the adorable, persistent, dreaming-big pig, has a new adventure in store for her: the World Games ice-skating championship in Paris! Poppy is nervous about meeting so many new people, in a new place. But, ever courageous and supported by her family (Emma, too!), Poppy embarks upon this exciting adventure head-on! Poppy begins to realize that although these animals look different, act different, and are from different places, they are all the same at heart. We all smile in the same language! Krist Yamaguchi is a household name: New York Times bestseller, Gold Medalist, correspondent for the Today Show during the 2010 Olympics, 2008 Dancing with the Stars winner, etc. Dream Big, Little Pig has garnered rave reviews, tremendous media attention, sold more than 15,000 copies through bookscan and debuted at #2 on the New York Times bestsellers list Kristi's modern content coupled with positive message makes this more than just another celebrity picture book. 


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