W/W Our Road to #smackdown

If you read my previous WWE Smackdown post...
You know that we are really excited that WWE Smackdown is headed to my hometown.
Broxton loves it and is always playing with his wrestlers...
So much that Santa brought him plenty of WWE toys this year...
(He is really wanting the CM Punk and Randy Orton figures, so we need to get them soon.)

Christmas Gift From Santa

Playing Christmas Morning....
Can you guess where his love of the WWE comes from?

This is Broxton at his big brothers house... Playing with all of his wrestlers!

Happy Wednesday All!!!  
Are any of you in or near South Georgia and planning on going to Smackdown?  
This Saturday, the 3rd of March in Albany, Georgia! (We will be there!)


  1. WOW, wrestling? I forget how big that is, as I was a fan at one time or another haha

  2. He looks like such a big boy in these pictures.

  3. My hubby and son would love to go, but we're a little too far. not much, though.

  4. What a cool toy! I bet he plays with that for hours! :)

    Warrior Cat Entrepreneur

  5. Ry has no idea what wrestling is!


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