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No matter if you are a first time mom or an experienced mom of more than one..
Chances are, you like names you can trust.  From baby products to items for the house.

When I saw that there was a product line called Disney Baby, I knew it would be great... I mean, it was associated with the Disney name, right?!

We were sent the Disney Baby Shampoo.

It was such a sweet and subtle smell!  
We have been using it and Broxton's hair is so clean and soft... 

Not to mention it smells great!  It is not an overpowering smell, but it does stay around for a bit... 
There is nothing sweeter than him climbing into my lap and me leaning to kiss his head, only to catch a whiff of his clean and fresh hair.  As I said, it is not overpowering and you can not smell it if he runs by, but you can smell it if you lean down to love on him... 

As we know, bath time is fun for him...
I am happy knowing that this not only smells good, but keeps him clean and happy!
Best part?  It's available at Wal-Mart! 

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