Two New Puzzle Books for Young Ones to Enjoy - From @abramsappleseed

Remember me telling you about reading the books to the kids the other day?
Well, another two books we were able to read were two new ones that are actually puzzle books!

My Birdie and My Bunny are both by Jessie Ford and are great for little ones!

With My Birdie, each page has a sentence that focuses in on an area of the birdie... With the corresponding page being the puzzle piece of that area.  Once you remove all the puzzle pieces (only 4) you put them together to have a picture of your birdie!  

With the My Bunny book, each page tells you something that the bunny likes to do.  Yes, the opposite page on each of these shows the bunny enjoying what was just mentioned (as puzzle pieces) and once you put them together, you have a picture of the bunny you just read about!

We loved this one as well, as it was interactive and it was just as fun taking the pieces out and putting them back in as it was reading it! 
Broxton (and the kids in my little reading group that morning) were pretty excited that the book was able to turn into a puzzle for them to see at the end of the story!
Do I recommend it? 
For sure, it is small enough to fit in a diaper bag or pocket book!  (But not too small to be lost!)
To me, it also allowed for more one on one interaction than just reading as well!

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