Costume Discounters Has SO Much to Choose From!

I always thought that it was just little girls that liked to play dress up...
Until, Broxton!  
He loves to dress up as a soldier man and be like his daddy...  or to pretend to be a pirate...

Well, I headed on over to see if I could find anything cute for when Broxton plays dress up.
He has decided that he likes talking about "super heroes"... not really sure where that has come from, but I have noticed that he is very much a sponge on any and everything these days...
So, I went to the costume discounters site and had to check out the boys TV costumes.
Photo Credit: Jumpin Beans
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 Sure enough... they had superheroes, trains, and even officially licensed WWE costumes!
I was a bit shocked to find these, so I was so excited to get it for Broxton! 

Now, with this particular costume...
There is both a positive and a negative, in my opinion...

The positive?  The costume!
We not only got the cute WWE John Cena shirt (with built in muscles!)  We got the matching hat, wristbands and of course, the long jean shorts!  If you know anything about wrestling and John Cena, you know that he used to wear jean shorts.. he know wears camo shorts... but still...   with Broxton, they were more like pants on him... but then again, that just means he will grow into them over time!

The only negative was the neckline...
I felt that it was a bit to high... and when I closed it up on him, he did not really like it... as it was high and since it was the built in muscles, it was a thicker material that pushed into his neck a bit and made it uncomfortable.  If he chooses to wear this at Halloween, I will need to figure out a way to remedy that... Or... I could just go ahead and figure it out now, as he wears it around the house!

Photo Credit: Jumpin Beans
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I have been really impressed with Costume Discounters!  I recommend checking them out for any reason that you might need to dress up... be it school, Halloween or just for fun!  

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  1. My boys have the first two costumes on their page.


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