Easter Babies - Counting Book for Easter

I loved the artwork of each of the babies in the latest book we received!!!!
Yes, I love all animals as babies and think that each is just adorable! 

The latest book for review?  Easter Babies.  
It is a counting book that had me looking at each picture in that "motherly" look.  I mean, how cute is a baby bunny rabbit? Or even a baby lamb?  

Each page you turn, the number increases with the number of animals on the page.  I loved that it wasn't just a book where you turned the page and counted, but rather the story continues with each page turn.
You start with 1 newborn foal... learning how to walk... the actual start of it all... 
Then,  you travel all over, in amazement of all these beautiful babies.. 
The story ends with 12 Easter Bells ringing in churches all over town!  
This book isn't just an "Easter book" (although they are hunting eggs and the Easter Bells ring) but it is a celebration of more than that... of spring time and all the new life and exploration from all of these little ones!  
I think this is an adorable book and I know that Broxton is going to love it, the Easter Bunny says he is putting this in his basket, for me to let him see it yet!  

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  1. That does look like a cute book! I get hung up in the illustrations as well.

    I was ready to give up some of our baby books. Then Mica started picking them up and read them to Isaak. Now I'm thinking I should keep them around longer. They are great beginner books for reading!


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