First Prayers - Great Book for Young Ones

We have just started visiting a new church and we are really liking it so far... 
I will tell you all about it another day, but I wanted to share a great new book that we received for review.

First Prayers is a beautiful book.
It is a hardbound book with illustrations that are amazing... all by Troy Howell.

As soon as you open the book, your first page is "Prayer of a Fisherman" 
On one page, you have a simple, yet vivid illustration of a little boy in his rain boots and rain jacket, playing with his boat on the edge of maybe a beach... The prayer is on the opposite page, with the colors and beach scene as the background.  The two pages flow together, but there is no distraction behind the words.

I have really enjoyed this book and we will start to use it daily.  I love how some prayers are longer with more words, but some are just a few short sentences so that Broxton can start to learn them now.  
I have been thinking and thinking to try and come up with a word I wanted to use to describe the artistry...

I think that the best way to sum it up would be to say that the illustrations on some of the pages give me a vintage feel to them...  (Not all, just a couple are pictures that I would think would be hanging in a nursery school at an old southern church.  Personally, I love them the most!)

Each picture that is in there goes with the prayer, from a single bird to a child sleeping....

As I said, this has been a joy to read and I can not wait for Broxton to enjoy it as well!
I think that this would be great to give a little one as a "Welcome Home Present" or maybe as a gift after a baptism.  

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  1. I actually think that is SUCH a good book and a great gift for someone!


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