Celebrate with Your Little Angels for Easter

I am happy to tell you that we have been reviewing the cutest DVD's lately...
Little Angels from Roma Downey.
If you shop at Wal-Mart, I am sure that you have seen the products or advertisements in the stores.
We actually had these for a bit and Broxton loves to watch it over and over again.
The DVD starts with a cute and catchy song about the Little Angels and then goes into the cartoon.
The Little Angels are painted on the ceiling... that way it is the last thing the kids see before they go to bed... and the first thing they see in the morning.  The Little Angels come to life whenever there is a situation where they are needed.  Through songs, they teach the lesson at hand!

Broxton has watched the Little Angels 123's about 7 million times!
We were going to visit my parents and needed a DVD for the ride down.
I put this in and AS SOON AS IT WAS OVER, he asked me to play it again... and again.. and again... and did I tell you he asked me to play it again?  He loved watching the little angels and learning to count with them!  
The Little Angles Animals DVD teaches us of all of Gods Creatures.

My favorite of the three DVD's is the ABC's one.  Yes, Broxton knows his alphabet and sings it all the time, but it was just adorable watching this!  They teach the alphabet with religious meaning... and not only teaching it that way, they also teach the shapes!  (I think that was a new one to me!)
For example:
B is for Bible...
and the B looks like an open book (imagine it, if you can... open the book up and turn it sideways... that way the pages are making the humps.)  I know, they sing it cuter and more as a way to remember,  but I was just trying to show you how they do it...

We had the chance to review the Little Angels DVD's... but, they have so much more than that!  They also have Little Angels CD's... and books... and also an App!  

For Easter, they even released these cards for you to be able to share with those you love!
Hope you enjoy!

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