PAAS Lets Your Creativity Show

Are you one that sticks to certain brands of items for things?
I never really noticed how I am about some, but not others... Until recently.

I will not go into everything that has to be a certain brand... but I will tell you one.
Photo Credit: PAAS

As long as I can remember, that has been a brand we have trusted!  
You know it is getting close to Easter when you see the PAAS items... and tons of vinegar! 

We received two of the new product lines from PAAS for review and I was so happy!
Broxton has been wanting to "color the Easter Eggs" for a few days, but I wasn't planning on doing it this year... 

We had our Egg Hunt at the church and they did all plastic eggs... but, I did want him to have that memory, so we all won in this case!
Photo Credit: PAAS

We were sent the PAAS EggTats for review and we all know Broxton is into tattoo's... 
So, I knew this would be fun! 
We colored the eggs...  Since I am honest in my reviews, I have to tell you something...

It said on the box "fast color" so I was so excited... but, this time took forever! 
I am not sure why... as I have never EVER had a problem with PAAS before..

But, I will tell you this: I used Styrofoam cups, since we had them and never use them... 
Also, I thought that I had a big bottle of vinegar, but got home to learn we had none...
So, I used just water...  (that was the first time I have ever used water only.)
I am thinking that just added up to equal a hard time for me...
Either way, after what seemed like a million years... we had very pastel colored eggs... 

I did notice that the darker tablets did work better than the yellow/pink ones... 
Broxton was excited with his finished project... but then we turned around and ate them since we didn't have an egg hunt to attend...

We will be joining friends for Easter and the plan is to let the kids go on the back deck and have fun coloring eggs... So, I will be taking the other egg kit then.  The other one we received was the Retro Splatter.  I know that the kids will have a great time coloring them and I now have a bottle of vinegar ready to go!

I am really excited with all the new "themes" that PAAS has created!  You could have a really great time with all ages creating the one of a kind egg to showcase their personality!

The new kits are: 
  • 3D Eggsplosion – Grab your 3D glasses and a front row seat and watch these egg masterpieces come to life in front of your very own eyes!
  • Go Wild – Fashionistas can get wild and crazy with the PAAS Go Wild kit! Dress eggs with giraffe spots, tiger stripes and more, then embellish with sparkly sequins.
  • Rockin’ Designs – Easter eggs get a rock ‘n roll makeover with designs and stickers inspired by popular fashion trends.
  • Egg Tats – Open up your own tattoo parlor for eggs and decorate in a whole new way using special art transfers.
  • Retro Splatter – Splatter designs mean every egg dyed with this retro-chic kit is one-of-a-kind.
  • Eggstra-Terrestrials – Create truly out-of-this-world egg decorations. Send your imagination into another galaxy with 3D glow-in-the-dark foam stickers that just landed from outer space!
  • Chrome Eggshaust – Rev up your engines and head out on the highway with thePAAS Chrome Eggshaust kit. Stickers, colorful dye tablets, holographic “eggarounds” and egg stands transform ordinary eggs into road-worthy hotrods.
  • Deggorating Doodles – Let your creative juices flow and “eggspress” the artist within with Deggorating Doodles. The special coloring pens and stencils allow you to decorate eggs any way you want!

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FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


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