Spice It Up with Tattooed By Inky

When it comes to thinking outside the box, I am not always the best at that...
For Easter, the Easter Bunny normally leaves candy and maybe a toy or two...
This year, he already told me he is leaving Broxton other items...
But, what do you do for the tweens/teens in your life?

Thinking outside the box... Why not try Tattooed by Inky?

It is a body spray that will have them not only smelling good, but feeling ready to go!
The Tattooed by Inky line comes in 5 scents... 2 for boys, 2 for girls and one "unisex."

I tell you, I would have liked to have tried the unisex to see if it really would be liked by all, but then I saw the description... "Patchouli" I am sorry, but that right there is a turn off.  I can not stand that scent.  Nothing against you, if you are a fan... just not for me!  

So, we received the Blue Bottle (for boys) it is Drako.

It is described as Spices, Musk and Precious Wood.  I really liked it and actually used it on Broxton a few times (as he was wanting to be like daddy)  when we were heading out somewhere...  When the boys got here, I gave it to them...  You can not even begin to imagine what 3 more smelly boys added to the house equal!  They all loved it and have been wearing it ever since.  The scent is not too overpowering and I have noticed that after they are in the restroom, they usually come out a bit refreshed and I can tell that they have sprayed themselves with the body spray!

We also received the Purple Bottle (for girls) it is Sudden Freedom.

This is described as aquatic florals, pink jasmine and warm rosewood.
I have enjoyed wearing it and see this as a great spray for a week at the beach.  I am not sure that it is a scent that I would wear on a daily basis, but it is light enough for the younger ones to enjoy... 

I had to ask the boys if they thought it was a scent they would like on their girlfriends... of course, they would like pretty much any scent on a female.. so they were like "oh yeah!" 

Tattooed by Inky is available at Target and for only $5.99 a bottle, you could pick up a couple to make as a great Easter Basket addition...or just a great thinking of you gift!

Final thought,  I will admit that I thought the name "Tattooed by Inky" was going to have it having a tint or glittery or something... The name comes from the tattooed designs on the bottle (from what I have gathered) so that was the only throw back for me... I do think this is great for all those that might want a fresh scent throughout the day!

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  1. That cracks me up that they come out of the bathroom having sprayed themselves. LOL!

  2. That is funny that they got into the body spray.


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