All Aboard for New Episodes of Thomas and Friends - April 7th

You know how much Broxton loves Thomas... Remember our Day Out with Thomas 2011
(You can just search THOMAS up top in my search box to see how much we love Thomas here...)
So, you can imagine my excitement when I received the following email:

Thomas & Friends returns to PBS on April 7th (but check your local listings for exact date and time) with brand new episodes.

The season’s debut episode, Chuffing with Pride, is divided into two stories.  In “Race to the Rescue,” Victor works on fire engine Flynn’s wheels so that he can roll on the road as well as on tracks.  Afraid of being a “big red wobble on wheels on the road,” Flynn decides to use the tracks instead even though the road is faster! Using the tracks, Flynn is late to help with emergencies on Sodor, but he is still able to put out the fire in time.  Flynn realizes that he isn’t a “big red wobble on wheels.”  In fact, he’s the hero of the day! In “Bust My Buffers” Gordon is too snooty to notice some freight cars and then crashes into them and loses his buffer.  Den and Dart offer to repair Gordon, but he insists that Dieselscannot fix Steamies.  Mavis and Salty tell Gordon that he needs a buffer.  Gordon chuffs back to Den and Dart and asks for help.  Diesels and Steamies are all Really Useful engines!

Thomas & Friends features Thomas the Tank Engine,  a cheeky, true blue engine who proudly wears the “#1” on his side and a cast of track stars, including James, Percy, Emily, Henry and Gordon.  As children  embark for fun and excitement with their engine friends, adventures  unfold that lead to timeless life lessons such as discovery, friendship and cooperation.  The CG-animated version of the series first debuted in 2010, allowing kids to hear Thomas speak in his own voice and see the Island of Sodor sparkle with unparalleled details and elaborate destinations. 

*****  This is not a sponsored post, just pretty excited about April 7th and thought you might be too! *****


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