The Boys Liked It... and It's Healthy?! Probar Review

Whenever we have the boys here, I have to plan on having plenty of snacks on hand... 
If you think about it, adding three growing boys to the mix, we have to keep them going :)
They are now 16, 14 and almost 12... so yes, they are really growing... 

As much as they would like to munch on candy bars, chips and drink coke all day long, I know that is not possible.  (I mean, wouldn't we all?!)
So, when I heard of the Healthy Food, PROBAR Fruition , I knew I would love the chance to try them while the boys were here... 

I had to try them when they came in and I will not lie, I was so nervous that they would not like them.  I just could not eat them... I think it was the texture.  Probar Fruition is full of fresh fruit... but also full of nuts and seeds.. I just could not deal with it.  Marc said they were "okay" but that was about it.. 
Remembering whenever I have tried to get the boys to try something new, I almost decided against it.. 
BUT, I want them to eat healthy at least PART of the time they are here.. 

So, I waited... and then Marc's family was here and his sister and I got to talking about the bars.. 

They are HEALTHY... They are GLUTEN FREE... 
That got her attention there, as a relative is on a gluten free diet and would probably like it...

I asked the boys if they wanted a snack and of course, they said yes!  
So, I broke out the strawberry fruition bar and gave them each a third of it..

Wow, they scarfed it down and could not talk about how great they were!  
I was shocked... No lie, I had to ask if they were joking or what... 
They were dead serious and were for real about wanting a whole one to enjoy.

At that point, I gave them the box (we were sent all different flavors) and told them they could pick which one they wanted...   I was surprised that they actually shared with each other, as they were all eager to see which flavor was the best... 
One was completely in love with the blueberry and the other two could not stop talking about the cherry!  
They all did agree that they lemon was their least favorite! 
We have actually found a winner!
Not only do the boys love them, fruition probars just won a healthy food award!!! 

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FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 


  1. Now that's not what I would have expected! Kids are usually the picky ones!

  2. I want to try one! I'm not picky at all with food. That's my problem.


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