Happy 60th Anniversary, Schwan's!

Growing up, I can remember my mom coming home with food from the Schwan's delivery guy... 
From personal pizza's to frozen lemonades, they seemed to carry a little of this and a little of that... 
Truth be told, I had no clue, until recently that Schwan's started as an ICE CREAM TRUCK in 1952.
I am not sure if you are aware or not, but Schwan's is the 6th most popular grocery e-tailer in the U.S. 

To celebrate their 60th Anniversary, Schwan's has introduced a new flavor ice cream: 
Their description:   
The special Triple Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream features milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate ice creams swirled with pieced of white and dark chocolate. With a smooth, creamy texture and fresh dairy taste, this limited-edition flavor is crafted in small batches and packaged in a reusable commemorative anniversary container.
Doesn't that sound awesome?  

Marc keeps talking about how we need to order from Schwan's but we just do not have the freezer space to do so.  But, he was pretty excited when we had the chance to review their thaw and serve Creamy Yogurt!  It comes in Strawberry and Vanilla.  I thought I would love the Vanilla the most, as that is what I normally go with, but the strawberry was excellent!
Broxton and Marc thought that they were chowing down on ice cream, as it was pretty cold and just that great of a taste... 

I think we do need to try that new ice cream though, I mean, as hot as it is in Georgia right now, I doubt it will stay in the freezer that long!!!

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  1. Sean used to work for them and after trying to persuade me for years to get their ice cream delivered, I finally agreed! I will never go back. Their ice is sooooooooo good! Totally can tell the difference between theirs and say Breyers. Order some now. Their triple choc chunk was good!


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