Broxton's A Knight - My Royal Birthday Adventure

Broxton went on a Royal Adventure and is now a Knight!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not actually, but according to his Royal Birthday Adventure book, is surely did happen!

We have had the chance to work with ISeeMe in reviewing their books before and I was thrilled to work with them again!  As always, having a name like "BROXTON" you can not really get personalized gifts, unless you specially order them!  
I have always been very pleased with the book quality from ISeeMe and once again, they did not disappoint!  The books have great illustrations with cute stories to go with them... Incorporating having the childs name in the actual artwork, not just the story.  
The latest book, My Royal Birthday Adventure, was just as great as the others... 

I did notice it is a bit bigger than the last ones... As in the actual SIZE of the books pages... 

It is a bigger square shape, bit it still has the hard back covers that I have come to know and love from ISeeMe.   With the Royal Birthday, you have a hard cover, with a cut out template, letting you see the name of the book and of course, who it is for!  As you open the book, you are greeted with a dedication page and then the magical story begins!   (If you click on the link, you can actually see the pages and read the book in its entirety.)

In our book,  it starts out with Broxton getting out of bed to hear the announcement of his special day.

They then take off on a flying dragon of sorts to a magical place... 
Once there, Broxton is greeted with flags on the castle, spelling his name... 

His knights room with his name on it and many other personalized creations along the way!

I was very impressed with the artwork in this book.  Although it is an illustrated book about a Royal Birthday, it is nicely done and not just for young ones... Older kids (and adults alike) will appreciate the time to create such a beauty!  
If you have a little one celebrating a birthday soon, order this book and give them a Royal Adventure for a great keepsake gift!   (Boys will be knights and girls will be princesses! )

Please follow ISeeMe on Facebook and Twitter...  That way you can stay up to date on different contests and promotions they have going on.  

Also, right now, since I KNOW you want to buy a book:  

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  1. I have one of their books! I love how they do it and incorporate the child's name. It's wonderful!

  2. This is such a great idea! I definitely understand the not being able to find his name anywhere.

  3. My boys love books with their names in them.


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