Grilled Corn? W/W

My dad LOVES to grill.. 

Yes, there have been times when he has grilled in the rain, he loves it that much.

Another love?  
Corn.  Grilled Corn.

So, I wanted to share my dads grilled corn recipe with you:

First up:
Get your ears ready, then place them on a piece of tin foil.  

 Next, add a pad of butter. 
 Sprinkle just a bit of sugar on there. 
 Roll and Fold it so that the butter stays in...
 Place them on the grill.
 Discuss grilling with your son... (You know, you have to pass along the love.)
 Corn and Steaks nice and ready to cook.
 Once they are finished (dad says wait till the tin foil starts to get a little dark and that means they are ready!) take the tin foil off and enjoy!!!!

Does your house enjoy corn as much as we do?
Have you ever had grilled corn?
Broxton will go to town on this too!


  1. I so want to try that! Will it still work on a charcoal grill?

  2. They look lovely. I shall have to hide this post from my American hubby or he will be very jealous. He says the corn in the UK is horrible compared to that in the USA.... and having tasted it when I visited, he is right!


  3. I love that your dad loves to grill - things just taste better off the grill, don't they? I do something similar when I grill corn - I'll have to add the sugar since I do that when I boil them, but didn't think to do that when I grill them. :) Love all the shots! :)

    Mount Rushmore vs. Mother Nature

  4. I have. It's GOOOOD. I don't think I added sugar though.

  5. The only veggie Hunter will eat is corn!

  6. I have not tried it, but I bet it is wonderful!

  7. Yes, we love corn! Unfortunately there isn't much good corn this year. When we had a grill we used to grill corn on the cob all the time. We just put the corn in the husk on the grill, it was so tasty!


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