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Let me start by saying that I am not the best one when it comes to packing... I always OVER pack.  I would hate to need something and not have it... I have ALWAYS been that way.  Whenever I go with Broxton, once again... over pack.  Luckily for us, we have not had to go anywhere that we would have to worry about baggage fees... because I would totally be screwed.  (It doesn't help that Marc showed me how to pack where you get MORE in the suitcase... )  
Well...  if and when we ever go somewhere that baggage fees might be an issue... 
We were sent the Precision Voyager Luggage Scale from Eat Smart.  
I was rather impressed with the size.  It is fairly small... but it can weigh bags up to 110 pounds!!!
It is really easy to use too...  You see the clip?
Well, you use that little area to hook your bag that you are weighing...   It is awesome that it is so versatile, as we literally weighed all sorts of bags to see how it worked.
You just hit the on button  ... then choose if you want it to weigh in pounds or kilograms...
Then, you see it weighing..   it beeps to let you know the weight was recorded (I did not hear it on ours, as Marc has the radio going like we are party animals...)  but it did show HOLD and then it did not change the weight.  I like that it is compact enough that you can just throw it in the bag (or your purse) to weigh your luggage for the return trip!  (We all know some people can go shopping crazy!)
If you travel often... or if you are planning a special trip...
This luggage scale would be awesome to pack with a pair of tickets for a great gift!
Click HERE to order from Amazon.
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  1. We actually have this item and I really like it. It beats holding a huge piece of luggage on the scale any day.


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