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Broxton loves the candy, Ring Pop.  His teacher gave him one as his treat for learning his Bible Verse once and he was so excited over it... It amazes me the smile on his face with this treat!  Well, we recently learned that Ring Pop has expanded for a greater reach....
Now, they offer MY RING POP.  A site where you can personalize/customize the ring pop to have a wrapper say something special just for the occasion.  You could have it say :"Great Job!" with the teachers name... or maybe "Thanks for celebrating" and give them as favors for a party... On their site, they showed brides to be using this to ask their friends to be bridesmaids...  
With the My Ring Pop site, you can order from 25-500 in flavors such as Strawberry, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.  
See?  They do cover it for all types of events.... 

With a face like this... Don't you think it says "HAPPY!"  

Are you Ring Pop Fans?


  1. That face does say happy. :)

    My two youngest are huge ring pop fans too.

  2. He looks so happy to be wearing it! I haven't had one since I was little!

  3. Tell sell ring pops at the baseball field and there are these little twins girls that always have them. So cute. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  4. Those are super neat. May have to look into getting some for my kids' upcoming birthday parties.


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