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While everyone was getting ready for Football Season to start (okay, I was too.. but not as much as the past... remember, I am still sick!)  and Broxton was busy watching Read Along DVD's... I was quietly preparing to enjoy seeing Jana Kramer break out from her One Tree Hill image in my mind to see how she would handle the big screen...

Yep, I was sent the Heart of the Country DVD and I was excited to see it... Not to mention, I love her voice, so I knew I was going to get to enjoy her singing!!!!
Sure as to be expected, the movie started with her singing and I was smiling all ready!

I will admit, I have decided to try and forget what all the different movies are about, that way when I watch them, I have no expectation and can truly enjoy it... Have you ever built up so much excitement due to the previews to only get there and be like "what the what? that was NOTHING like what I thought it was going to be...  disappointed!"  

I have learned if you go in just knowing "that sounded pretty good"  you are sometimes able to enjoy it more.. At least that is how I have been thinking lately.

So... I knew the movie had Jana in it and as I mentioned, loved her in One Tree Hill...  (Side note, a friend of mine had a huge celeb crush on her... might need to make sure he knows she has a movie out now!)    The movie also had the guy from Major Dad... so I was ready...

Synopsis:Based on the novel by Rene Gutteridge and John Ward, Heart of the Country is a love story starring country music singer Jana Kramer (“One Tree Hill”), Randy Wayne (“True Blood”), and Gerald McRaney (“Major Dad”). Faith (Kramer) and Luke (Wayne) have it all. Faith is a beautiful singer and Luke is an up-and- coming businessman. When their life together is shattered and she is forced to return home to the family she turned her back on years ago she must find the strength to love again. Watch Jana Kramer in her first leading movie role in the year's most inspirational and romantic movie event ...

I really enjoyed the movie, but I was a bit confused for a minute... I did not know what was going on and if I had missed something or not...   I believe it was done that way to keep you hanging on, so you watched more and more and it did make sense... Although I still have a couple questions that did not seem to be answered to me... but then again, I might have just missed it...
I thought at first when they started doing the flashback scenes that I was going to totally be over it.. but they did not use many and the ones they did were powerful and for a reason, so I actually enjoyed them!
Marc actually joined me a little after it started and watched it, (normally he goes on to other things when I am watching a movie I did not ask him to watch with me, so I was kind of shocked!)  I think this was a great movie and for sure a great romantic movie to watch!!!
I thought Jana Kramer did a great job and loved hearing her singing the soundtrack!


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