Think Outside The Box- Beating the Lunch Box Blues

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I was excited to find out that Beating the Lunch Box Blues by J. M. Hirsch would be headed my way... It is so hard to pack lunch for Broxton... I have decided that my teenage years are already coming back to get me now... If I ask him what he wants, he tells me crazy things... Like he wants candy and chips.  Now, we all know that is not an option, so then I tell him we will do apples and a sandwich... No matter what I pack, most times, that same lunch comes back home.  I hate that, but I do tell him what I am packing and even get his opinion...
 The other day, he was so excited, he wanted me to pack him a sandwich in the shape of a butterfly, so I did... but you better believe it that butterfly was still in his bag after I picked him up...   With all of that, I was so excited to see if we might have help on the way...

This book is awesome, but I found it more appetizing for me than for Broxton.
The best part?  There are 162 lunches in this book, as well as 30 dinners!!!
Yep!!  J.M. Hirsch shows us how to take leftovers and make delicious meals for lunch the next day!!!  I am honestly just excited to try this for us as a family.
I did get a few ideas from here to try for Broxton, but who knows?  I am thinking it is just a phase he is going through right now!

For Broxton- 
Maybe trying a couple different types of crackers...
Or making mini-quiches.

For those with peanut free zones (Broxton's school is one) they even have a list of several different spreads instead of your basic PB&J... I would still make sure to check with your school before sending in just to be safe...and to make sure they knew what you sent in, since it does look the same.  

For Marc's lunch... (hey, I have to eat as well... and these look so tasty!)
One option was dinner of Red Beans and Rice... then lunch the next day could be taking leftover RB&R and making croquettes (I NEVER would have thought of that) 
Another one?  A salad version for Muffuletta!  

I was really impressed with the different meal ideas throughout the book. 
Not to mention, they had a TON of pictures that made my mouth water, just looking at it!!!
No worries to vegetarians, there was a section in there for that (or maybe you just do a meatless Monday?)
Either way... this book looked to be full of great inspiration...
I will note that I felt there were plenty of idea's for Asian dishes, so if you are not a big fan of Asian meals, you might want to flip through the book before you purchase. (Or buy it and share with a friend.)

I think that this would be a great book to have to pull idea's from... but also a great gift for those that take their lunch to work (No doubt, a great back to school teacher gift idea!)


  1. It sounds very well rounded for selection. I have been so busy w/school starting today, and all that led up to it, that I skipped dinner. I'm feeling it now and about to go make a peanut butter sandwich (I did feed the fam.). :)

  2. I feel like I'm packing the same couple lunches lately. My oldest has gotten picky, too!


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