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I have to start by saying that I love how silly Marc can be when he knows I am taking pictures for the blog... Like, seriously... He makes the faces that he never does in day to day life... For example.. I needed  / wanted pictures to show this new product that we were sent (that he had been going on and on about since it's arrival)  I asked him to wait a few days and then shave, so I could photograph him...
Here he is giving me this look for the first photo:

Love that look!!!  What would you call it?
With Marc being military, you know that means he needs to be clean shaven and ready... Well, he waited a few days to shave, just so we could see this product in action...
Check out all that hair!!!
 We were sent the Grooming Selection from Somersets...
Somersets Grooming for Men provides everything a man needs to care for his face! Treat the guys (and their skin) to Somersets Shaving Oils, Shaving Gels, and Pre- & After- Shave products. Unlike chemical foams and soaps, Somersets products are formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosemary. Somersets products do not contain any chemicals that can harm the skin or the environment.

Marc and I were a bit skeptical about using just a little of the oil to shave...   
So... With the Somersets line, you use just a little oil and supposedly you can shave... With no issues...

Marc needed to shave his face (and his head)  
So, when the product arrived, Marc was quick to use it..
I was gone when he shaved.... but you better believe that when I got home, he went on and on about how impressed he was with the surprise I had waiting on him..  
I knew he was excited, but I was really excited when I was able to use the Women's Shave Oils!!!
The thing I loved?  You just use a couple drops of the oil to prepare your skin... Then, just shave like normal..  After we were done shaving, it was amazing.. Your skin feels great and we did not even need any lotion to moisturize afterwards! 

Marc normally doesn't use aftershave or anything like that.. He normally just shaves (with lotion) and then uses the same lotion to moisturize when he is done...  Now, with the Somersets line, he really loves to actually take care of himself and use the pre-treatment, the oils and then the after treatments!!!  He doesn't do it all the time, but when he has time, he does like the "pampering" like everyone else does!
I love that the oil comes in a tiny bottle (think of a nail polish bottle)  It is small, takes up hardly no room...
Wow... Impressive!
This is also great not only for the house, but also think about it...
Taking up less room when travelling?  Can't be beat!
( I was also thinking about this being a great product for him, if he ever deploys again... It is small to take up less room in his luggage ... but also for when I would mail it to him... small means less room in the care package... but also lighter weight!!!
If you shave... check it out... They have for both men and women!!!

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  1. Does look like a clean shave! Nice you can get him to help review! :)

  2. He is now smooth :)
    Ahh shaving, seems to be normal like doing taxes for life eh? :)

    Thanks for introducing the new product.

  3. So nice that the skin feels good after a shave because way too often it doesn't!

  4. He looks good with and without a beard, but so totally different! I like that it just takes a little oil instead of a big face lather full of cream (that I end up having to clean up).


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