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If you remember, we went to see Disney Planes the Movie and Broxton fell in love.  I did too, as the movie was so cute!!!  During the movie, Broxton mentioned a couple times about how he really wanted he planes toys, so I was excited to see that they are now available at Walmart!
Luckily for me, I am a part of the Collective Bias Shop, so I was able to go and purchase a few for our house!!!   (I would love to have you stop over to my Google + album to see how that shopping trip went! ) Of course, I had to get the Disney Planes Dusty, but that is put up for Christmas!

I had a hey day there shopping... Hope you saw the fun with that on my google + album.    I came home and immediately hid the different toys that I bought... In my mind, it is NEVER too early to start stocking for Christmas gifts!!  I know that planes and cars are always going to be a big one around here, so I love knowing I have a few things up my sleeves!!!

As soon as Broxton got home from school, I had him get ready to check out the gift I had for him. He had NO CLUE what I had purchased, as I had not mentioned it to him at all...  As soon as he saw the plane, he was so excited!!!  

I will be honest here, I wanted to give him all of them, as I know he is going to be so excited... But, at the same time... the kid doesn't need any more toys... especially just on a random day of the week!  I used this as sort of a back to school treat...   He was so excited to see that I had chosen to surprise him with Bravo!  He loved Bravo (Hello!!! It is an ARMY PLANE MOM!!!!)  and he also loved El Chupacabra!! You might want to know why I wanted to give him this one...  Well, this particular plane is a Pull and Fly plane. so I wanted to see what it was all about..  I am all about him having planes, but between him, his daddy and the brothers, I really don't want all sorts of planes flying around my house!  This plane is great!  You place it on a hard surface, then you pull it back and let it go...  ZOOM!!!  It speeds off and the flames coming out of the back spin around simulating the jet flames flaring!

Right now, Broxton likes playing with it all over the place and for the first couple days, it was with him 24/7.  At first, I thought it might be a problem, since his teacher has said NO TOYS except for show and tell day... But luckily, he knew to leave it home...

Now, I know he is dreaming about more... He did point out the back of the packaging... He had to tell me that there were other planes and that he needed them to add to his collection.

The thing that makes me smile?  Knowing that Christmas morning, there will be more gifts of the from Disney  Planes... and Disney Pixar Cars too...  While shopping for the planes toys, I saw a couple more of the Cars characters that he doesn't have yet... You know I had to snag them up for him!!!
Let me tell you what I have planned for this year...

I plan on having several Disney Planes and Disney Pixar Cars gifts wrapped under the tree... But the kicker?  Broxton leaves Santa a plate of cookies... I am going to see if Santa will leave Broxton a note (held down with one of the Disney Pixar Cars) to tell him to go look IN the tree... and have a couple of the Disney Planes characters landed throughout the branches!  That way, he gets to have even more fun looking to see where they are!!!
Carrier Playset MSRP -$29.99
Available at Walmart: 
I did smarten up this time around... I knew that Broxton loved the scene of the military planes.. so that would be something he would enjoy playing...  Hey, our blood runs red, white and blue!  As soon as I saw this, I knew that this would not only make HIM happy to play with... It also doubles as storage for up to 6 of the diecast planes!  Smart thinking for me!!!
I bought a couple of them now, but I think I will be looking to get a couple more... These would also make great stocking stuffers!
A new to me Cars Product.  Monster Truck + cars character?  FUN FUN FUN
I am just so excited to see how he reacts to his gifts... I already know a couple gift idea's that I have for any birthday parties that we are invited too..  The great thing about Planes the Movie?  They have girl characters!!!  We have really had a blast playing with Bravo and like I said, I can not wait until he gets to open up a few more this year!!
Make sure you head on over to Walmart to see what all they have...
I am really thinking that we will have the whole collection sooner rather than later!!

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  1. We had that vest w/the train! :)

    LOL at the captioned picture. I like Disney Cars and want to see Planes.

    Your son is beautiful (not cute, he's beautiful). I bet you hear it all of the time.

  2. Just getting to this number on Super Sunday Sync (yeah, I am behind which doesn't usually happen). :)

    I know I posted here already, but thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh how cute! Absolutely love the sleeping pic! lol


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