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 I told you I would be back with the other 2 books that Elizabeth Verdick has released in her Happy Healthy Baby Series!  Books 3 and 4 are Reach and Eat!  Right now, you can purchase the first 4 books in the series for only $25.16.  I am not sure how long that is going to last... so head on over and grab it now!)

Wiggly baby on the floor. What is baby reaching for? Celebrate the many ways that babies reach out to discover and learn about the world around them. With lively rhyming text and vivid photos of babies in action, this book is sure to engage babies and grown-ups alike. A great baby board book for floortime or anytime!
Every day, in every way, babies eat. From bottles and breasts, trays and bowls. With fingers and with spoons. Join these babies as they explore and enjoy the many foods that help them grow healthy and strong.Hungry baby, food’s so yummy. Look at how it fills your tummy.Bouncy rhythms and bright photos and illustrations are sure to capture baby’s attention

In Reach - book number 3, I was crossing my fingers for a picture that I think always makes me smile... When the little one find their toes!  Of course, as I turned the page "What is baby reaching for?" and I saw it... that adorable picture of feet in hands... So sweet!  

In Eat - book number 4, I knew there was going to be a messy face!  I love looking back on those photos with Broxton... so I of course was smiling... I loved how Elizabeth covered both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding!

As with all of the books by Elizabeth Verdick, the last two pages include a Parents / Care Provider section with tid bits of information...  These books are great for little ones, as they are small board books (around 5x5)    the black and white photos contrasting with the sweetly illustrated opposite pages will be sure to grab the attention of all ages.
I think that this would also be great to give to early reader siblings)  that way, they can bond over reading a book to their baby brother / sister... but can also work on their reading with the simple text.  


  1. I love when the little ones find their toes too. :)


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