Auto-Correct Killing You? Spelling Works May Help Out!!!

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I will be the first to admit that I am spoiled by technology... 
Just the other day, I was talking to someone about how much I depend on it... 
From a calculator to help me with math to my computer (or phone) to spell check words for me...  I know it is embarrassing and I honestly wonder what I am going to do when Broxton starts school... It honestly scares me... I just learned the other day that they have a whole new way of teaching math... a way I have no clue about and a way that says the thought process that I was taught is TOTALLY WRONG.  
Not to mention that my friend says they changed the name of a shape.  I think she said it was the diamond that was no longer... but it is now known as something totally different... How do you change things like that?!

Anyways, spelling... I thought I was pretty good at it, but these days, I am always second guessing myself.  I still have to write it out, I can NOT spell it in my head.  Hey, at least I am better than some friends, I am the one that some ask how to spell...

Well, I was able to review a book "Spelling Works" and I am pretty excited...  Meaning, I am a bit more confident that I will not be a total failure when it comes time to help Broxton.  This book says for Grades 5 and up... 
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Spelling Works covers root words, prefixes, suffixes, the doubling rule for one-syllable words, the final silent E-rule, the final Y-rule, apostrophes in contractions, plurals and singular possessives, homophone demons, troublesome endings, how to divide words into syllables, stress and the schwa sound, and stingers.  The presentation of spelling concepts is done with amusing teasers, engaging questions, step-by-step explanations and continual review.  Th show that spelling is part of a larger language picture, there are interesting sidelights about word origins and the history of language.

The contents of the book:
Dividing Words Into Syllables
Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
The Doubling Rule for One -Syllable Words
The Final Silent E Rule
The Final Silent y Rule
The I Before E Rule
Apostrophes in Contractions
Plurals and Singular Possessives
Singular and Plural Possessives
Homophone Demons
Troublesome Endings
Stress and the Schwa Sound

I will say it now, I was having a pretty good time relearning what I did all those years ago in class... For example - the I before E rule...
It tells you the rule, then gives you sentences and you have to see what is spelled correct or misspelled.  Then, they go over it again and include the I before E , except after C added to it... with even more practice sentences...   Even more practice sentences follow and more useful tips of information is included...  Finally, there is a maze... and you have to go through CORRECT spellings of the words to get to the end of the maze...
It was pretty fun to learn ... and then you are rewarded with a game (that is still teaching!)

I am excited for Broxton to be old enough for this...
If you have someone that is having trouble spelling, I say check this book out now!!!!


  1. I used to think I was such an awesome speller, but as time has passed I find myself forgetting a few here and there!


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